The successful history of JSC Electrovipryamitel began in 1941. Its first products were mercury valves and selenium rectifiers. Our company develops and manufactures high effective power semiconductor devices more than 60 years. They are widely employed in all scientific and technical fields in power supply and technology process control, in industry, power engineering and transportation. Our devices are delivered in many countries on all continents. Scientific and production basis of our company is continually renewed, and semiconductor devices are developed and improved in accordance with world trends in power electronics.  

Some generations of power semiconductors were developed and manufactured million strong for the history of our company. There was always cooperation of our specialists with All-Union Electrotechnical Lenin Institute and Physic-Technical Ioffe Institute. The first generation were Ge and Si diodes 1 50 A, 200 V by end of 40-s last century.

Diffusion technology was developed at the beginning of 60-s. Second generation of power semiconductors 25 mm Si diodes and thyristors up to 200 A, 1600V were developed on the basis of this technology practically simultaneously with USA, Germany, Japan. Our specialists have developed and patented first triacs in USA and Japan. Improved diffusion technology is nowadays basis for production of modern power semiconductors in JSC Electrovipryamitel.

Russian power electronics appears on the base of first power semiconductor generations, and power converters are large-scale product branch of our company.

The next important stage in Electrovipryamitel history was development and 

production at the beginning of 70-s of press-pack diodes and thyristors in metal-ceramic cases with membrane interfaces (third generation). Devices were developed with wafer diameters from 16 up to 56 mm, current 100-1250 A, voltage up to 2400 V (diodes up to 4000 V). These devices were prototypes for forth generation united unified diodes, thyristors and triacs series of stud and press-pack design with clamped interfaces and wafer diameters 16-56 mm, current 100-1250 A, voltage up to 2400 V (diodes up to 4000V). New technologies were employed in this device family such as alloying, electron beam aluminum sputtering, jet etching, micro-plasma and cold welding by encapsulation, precision part finishing and so on.

High temperature radiation steady diodes for aerospace applications and rotor diodes and thyristors for brushless excitation systems of large electric machines (operation by centrifugal acceleration up to 8000 g) were developed at that time. These devices are unique even nowadays and are manufactured in modern versions.  

Fifth generation was developed on the base of forth generation technology and license of German company Siemens. It were devices with wafer diameters 63, 76, 90 and 101 mm. The world most power HVDC converter station USSR Finland was built in 80-s on the base of 76 mm thyristors 3200 A/4200 V. Later was developed 101 mm thyristor series with current up to 3200 A, voltage up to 6000 V. New design and technology solutions were developed such as controlled diffusion profile, high carrier lifetime, radiation lifetime controlling an so on.

Diode-thyristor modules and IGBT/SFRD modules were developed in 90-s and they are produced serially in large amounts for new power converters and new application fields.

The development of new semiconductor is in progress nowadays. 125 mm thyristors and light triggered thyristors, reverse switched dynistors for high pulse current commutation are developed and produced. New time raises new complex problems. Specialists of JSC Electrovipryamitel have working out these problems for successful future of our company and Russian power electronics.


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