Announcement about PCIM-2017

Announcement about PCIM-2017


Electrovipryamitel participate in international exhibition and conference in the field of power electronics that will take place in Nuremberg on 16-18 May 2017. Hall number is 9, stand number is 501.

Serial products and new development of Electrovipryamitel will be presented, for different applications in industry, power engineering and transportation.

Ultra-high voltage semiconductors will be demonstrated, so as 10 kV power thyristors and diodes, ultra-high power frequency-pulse thyristors for induction melting, rotor diodes for brushless excitation systems, 5-inch 8,5 thyristors for power engineering, LTTs for low frequency and pulse applications, IGBT modules with isolation voltage up to 20 kV for traction and other applications.

Electrovipryamitel presents for the first time power smart stacks with different power on the base of bipolar devices and IGBT modules that are manufactured with standard and original power circuits. Some of them are used in large-scale national and international energy projects.

Two reports of Electrovipryamitel specialists an from Mordovian State University will be presented in the field of power devices and semiconductor materials: “Reliability improving of Power Semiconductor discharge Switch by Means of LTJT Technology” and “MMC AlSiC as alternative for molybdenum in power press-pack semiconductor design. Investigations of electric conductivity properties of AlSiC”.

We hope for interesting and useful contacts with colleges on this remarkable meeting for subsequent development of power electronics.