PJSC “Electrovipryamitel” at PCIM Europe 2021

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PJSC “Electrovipryamitel” at PCIM Europe 2021


We invite all our partners and all those people who are interesting in new products of Power electronics to take part in international exhibition PCIM Europe 2021, which  is also this year will be held in on-line format starting from  3d and it will be  till 7th of May.

The exhibition traditionally hosts a conference, where all leading producers demonstrate their latest developments. Our specialists within the digital format of the conference «PCIM Europe Digital Days» will present  a report «12 kV RCRSD-Based Solid State Switch with Ultra-High Current Rise Rates and High Power Density» (4 th of May, 14:15 Moscow time, stream 4).

This report presents development results of 12 kV switch on the base of reverse switched dynistors with reverse conductance and control unit for current pulse commutation with magnitude up to 100 kA and 20 µs duration by current rate of rise over 25 kA/µs. The switch has been developed as coaxial stack for volume minimization and low inductance, oscillation avoiding during commutation of power current pulses with high switching speeds.

Register free of charge on official site and join to «PCIM Europe Digital Days» together with us.

Let the virtual meetings on PCIM Europe Digital Days will become the key for our future healthy partnership in reality!